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E-books purchased here will be sent through BookFunnel when SCALEBOUND launches on September 14th! :))

BookFunnel gives you the option to open and to save the book on Kindle as well! This way you are able to keep it on any device you prefer. 

Still prefer to purchase your e-book through Amazon? Please note that it is $1 more expensive on Amazon vs when purchased on my website.

The link to pre-order on Kindle is HERE.

The price of this e-book will jump up to $5.99 instead of $4.99 after the pre-sale. 

To learn more about SCALEBOUND you can either click on the below tab titled "CHAPTER" to read the first chapter of SCALEBOUND or click HERE

If you have any questions on SCALEBOUND please reach out!!! 

Ages: 13+

No Spice, No explicit language

Triggers: Blood, gore, fighting, kissing (no spice), suicide, trafficking


Will Scalebound be a series? 

Yes! Scalebound IS a standalone, but is planned to be a 4-5 book series!

Will you be doing ARC readers?

Yes! I will be selecting ARC readers sometime this summer. I will have a new link to sign up on this, but will create it when I am ready to accept the batch of ARC readers. Stay tuned on my social media pages to see/get this link or sign up for my email list to be notified when applications are open!

Is your book available on Amazon?

Yes! My e-book is available for pre-order on amazon right now! (Just so you know it is more expensive than purchasing on my website). When it gets closer to my release date then you will be able to purchase paperback and hardcover copies of SCALEBOUND on Amazon as well!

Difference between Amazon book and the book on your website?

If you were to purchase SCALEBOUND on my website then it will be cheaper than Amazon (At least if you are in the US, because of the shipping prices for out of the US), you'll get gold foil on the dust jacket and the exterior of the physical book & sprayed edges.

Tips for aspiring authors?

YES!! I have lots of them!!! Check out my "blogposts" page at the upper tab of my website and see all of the blogposts! You can also request to join the Facebook group for writers I have created!! This has been awesome for EVERYONE to ask and answer any questions! :) The group is called "Writers Queue". If you can't find it feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at


Scalebound is in 2 POV's. Mainly Aurelia (the FMC), but there are a few chapters from Damian's POV (MMC). 

How long have you been writing SCALEBOUND?

I had the idea summer 2023 and started writing it September 2023. I finished the first draft December 2023, and decided to self-publish after a few of my videos popped off on social media! And now a year after starting to write it it's going to be published thanks to YOU! :)) Thank you for being here and for supporting me. 

Still unsure? Read the first chapter of Scalebound HERE View full details