My Self Publishing Timeline

My Self Publishing Timeline

By Logan Piercey 


Hello! And welcome to my very unorganized blogs, but I am set on sharing anything and everything that I can, so here is my unorganized mess with everything. 

First of all, if you are writing a book or even considering writing a book- YES!!! You are AMAZING and CONGRATS!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! 

Second of all, I don’t want you to compare your journey to my timeline. This is not why I am sharing it, but I am sharing it to help other indie authors to know the process and to know what to expect and when to start on everything, because YES it’s a lot of work and a long process and it is good to get started EARLY. I also understand that not all authors will do the same steps that I am doing. Because I am getting my books printed and I sell them on my own website/package them myself and I know that this may vary! Either or I will share what my process looked like!

Here’s what I did: 

End of December: 

-Finished my first draft 


-Reread my book a few times/fixed plot/characters/ etc (Still absolutely a mess, but a lot better than the first draft)

-Started already marketing to get people on my email list 


-Had my cover design started

-First round of beta readers started 

-Went through my book myself another 2-3x

-Hired my developmental editor


-Had artists start on artwork for the chapter headwings / art behind the dust jacket (For the gold foil) / and art work for the pre-pre-order (stickers, sweatshirt, and shirt designs)

-Had my 2nd and 3rd round of beta readers 

-Created my own website

-Got my book on KDP

-Set up an email list

-Started my pre-pre-order the moment I got my cover back and the marketing materials


-Finish going through beta readers notes

-Reread my book with all of the updates 

-Get my notes back from my developmental editor - Then go through these and get the manuscript updated

-Reread it one last time 

-Send to line editor April 15th 


-Go through line editors notes

-Send it to my proofreader 

-Go through proofreaders notes 

-Get author profile set up on good reads 

-Promote my preorder 

-End pre-pre-order and start preorder

-Artists start on my art prints of my characters/scene art

-Get my chapter headings ready to be formatted with the artwork I received 

-Start on my second book a little bit 

End of May-Beginning of June: 

-Finish up all editors notes 

-Format book 

-Send files to printing company 

-Get draft from printing company 

-Have them start printing

-Get the finalized files uploaded to KDP


-Work on my 2nd book 

-Start on ARCS

-Receive my printed books 

-Start packing all of the pckages purchased during the preorders

-Get ready for my in person launch party (Sep 9th)

-Get ready for the launch date in general (September 14th)

Here’s what I wish I would’ve done: 

-To be fair- I got everything that I wanted to done, which was AMAZING!! Something I wish I would’ve done was to wait a little longer to get my line editor lined up. What I mean by this is that I got my line editor lined up, thinking that my book was going to be ready, but the few weeks before actually getting it to my line editor I got no sleep and rushed on a lot of things. Something to note is that most line editors are booked out for months. I wish I would’ve waited until my developmental editor started on my book to then book the line editor. This was what I wish I would’ve done personally, but it still worked for my book Scalebound. 

-Something else I wish I would’ve done was waited until I had all of my notes in and beta readers comments applied before I had my developmental editor look at it. In my circumstance I was on such a crunch time, I don’t know if I could’ve waited, but it has been hard because she wasn’t able to see the whole picture because I was still changing things. It worked for us, but I won’t be doing this in the future. I plan to have my book as good as I can and then to send it her way. (Where I don’t plan to change anything else)

-I wish I would’ve gotten my book cover started on earlier. For me, I got it started the moment that I decided to self publish so I couldn’t have done anything differently this time, but for my future books, after I finish my first or second draft I will be sending it to get the artwork done. It took about 2 months for me to receive my finalized copies when I was expecting to receive them in less than a month. Which was fine- but I will plan for that in the future. 

If I think of anything else to add in the future- I will definitely get this blogpost edited and add to it! However, for the time being, enjoy my process and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! :))

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